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Overview - courses

Cardio Kickboxing

A unique combustion hour, based on punches and kicks on pads to energizing music. In these classes most of the body's 600 muscles comes to use. You improve your fitness, strengthen your muscles and skeleton, as well as it's good for your self-confidence. This is an exclusive course with only 12 persons per class. After the course it will be possible to book private lessons.

Stomach - Buttock - Thighs

A fun 60 minutes in which the belly, buttocks and thighs will be exercised effectively. The hour begins with an easy and uncomplicated warm-up to catchy music, before we move on to the simple exercises that strengthens and tightens up. These exercises will take place in individual pace, which makes these classes perfect for both untrained and trained people. The instructor emphasizes that the exercises got to be performed properly and without risk of damage to the back and knees. Available for private groups and business groups. In addition, private hours can be booked.


Pilates is gentle and preventive strength training for the whole body. These classes will exercise your balance and control of your body, which easily rubs off on other forms of training and activities of everyday life. Faithfully doing Pilates benefits you in many ways:

• Stronger abdominal and softer back
• Improved coordination, both muscular and mental
• Better posture, balance and core muscle strength
• Increased lung capacity and blood circulation
• Increased positive body awareness
• Increased flexibility

Stretching, Toning, Yoga

The course focuses on gentle stretching of the body's joints and muscles, in addition to training the "core muscles". These are the small inner balance muscles (core muscles) that only becomes more important as we get older. A particularly favorable course for those with bad shoulders, stiff neck or other stress-related pains. Every class ends with a lovely guided relaxation sequence. This is a course that will help you get a more flexible body, better coordination, both muscular and mental, and it also increases the muscle balance and body awareness.
Available for private groups and business groups. In addition, private hours can be booked.

Synchronized Swimming

Synchronized swimming is a fun and creative sport that can be described as dancing in water. Because the training takes place in water it will not strain the body like attending regular training. This gives you a fun and enjoyable workout. Synchronized swimming to music develops greater stamina, improves breathing techniques, flexibility, strength and movement in water.

Using most of the muscle groups in your body will increase your body awareness. Flexibility is an important part of training in synchronized swimming. We will train for an hour in the water, and have 15 minutes of flexibility training on shore. Water training ensures that your muscles are warmed up properly, which is important before you begin with flexibility training and stretching. We encourage to use the flexibility exercises at home for added affect. Available for private groups and business groups.

Water Aerobics

Water aerobics / water gymnastics is a fun and effective exercise, where you get to use several of the body's muscles simultaneously. Water aerobics is also a very gentle exercise, since you get a natural resistance from the water. In the water you do different exercises with and without equipment. The training takes place in both shallow and deep water to music. Water aerobics is excellent training, that you can perform in your own pace.
Available for private groups and business groups.

Classical Yoga

Classical yoga is a yoga tradition with great range and variety. There will be as much emphasis on the physical aspect of yoga, through physical exercises (Asanas) and breathing exercises (Pranayama), as on relaxation and meditation with simple techniques. The course increases the body strength, flexibility and relaxation through the various exercises. Exercises are adjusted to the needs of each group.

The course starts with breath-awareness, inward focus and relaxed warm-up. Then we move on to the sun salutations and different standing positions (backward bend, forward bend, twists or inversions) before the course ends with deep relaxation and meditation. The instructor emphasizes the mental as much as the physical aspect of yoga, aiming for the classes to provide a positive experience for both body and mind. Available for private groups and business groups. In addition, private hours can be booked.


Zumba is a mix of aerobics and dancing to party music. It is excellent training for the abdominal, back and the entire body - not to mention that it is incredibly fun.
Available for private groups and business groups. In addition, private hours can be booked.